Donations and In Memory

As a charitable and not-for-profit organization, 100% of the donations that POHA receives are used to help achieve POHA’s greater mission. 

With your donations, you will be helping: 

      To help educate and raise awareness on the implications of heart surgery

      To help donate to various cardiac wards to help purchase medical equipment and other resources

      To provide greater resources and peer support to the community 

Donate And Support POHA Today. 


As a registered non-profit society, any donations made to the Pacific Open Heart Association will be acknowledged by an official receipt and are tax deductible.

In Memory donations should include the name and address of the surviving spouse or family member. This information and the donation are to be mailed to:

Pacific Open Heart Association
PO Box 45001
Ocean Park PO
Surrey, BC
V4A 9L1

Online Donations

You may also choose to donate online to POHA via PayPal.

You do not require an existing PayPal account to donate electronically as you may donate using your credit card. The online donation is fully secure and provided by a proven company in PayPal.  

Click the Donate button below to donate to POHA:

The POHA will send out acknowledgements.

If you are wondering where to send your charity dollars, be assured that any donation to the POHA will be placed directly into the operation of our visitation program.