About Us

Aims of the Pacific Open Heart Association

The purposes of the Association are:

  • To bring together people who have had open heart surgery.
  • To assist in the encouragement and preparation of patients about to have open heart surgery.
  • To encourage and support patients and their families after surgery.
  • To promote recreational activities, for example, by hosting an annual golf tournament.
  • When possible, to provide funds for CPR training and to assist in the purchase of cardiovascular instrumentation.

History and Progress

The First Open Heart Society of B.C., was founded in Victoria in 1973, for heart patients on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. A Greater Vancouver Branch was formed in 1986 by people who shared a common bond - a renewed life after open heart surgery.

The Pacific Open Heart Association (POHA) was officially formed in 1988. Our membership from Western Canada is comprised of people who have undergone open heart surgery.

Since 1988, our visitors have met about fifty patients a week. At the hospitals that we visit, the doctors and nurses consider POHA a credible resource. They endorse our program and report beneficial results to both patients and families.